Rescued a butterfly :)

Pulled back my curtains on day two of 30 Days Wild and it was raining and a bitterly cold wind was blowing up a storm. What happened to summer! it’s more like November than June out there.

Butterfly Windy Day Illustration

Butterfly Windy Day Illustration -by Marie Law-

I thought to myself “there isn’t much chance of getting outside to enjoy nature today” when I spotted a small white butterfly right in front of me trying to take shelter from the wind.

It was in my very sad excuse for a flower bed.

Butterfly Garden

There’s a butterfly in this picture. Can you see it.

I kept an eye on it all day. I hoped the weather would improve, so it could go do the things butterflies do, but the weather didn’t improve, so we brought the butterfly in. We popped it in a large jar and sat the cute little thing on an apple core.

Then came the drama, WE LOST IT!

My hubby (bless him), thought it “wasn’t going to survive the night”, so he let it sit in the open so it “wouldn’t be imprisoned if it died” quote unquote.

Small White Butterfly

I love his eye. Only took me a couple of dozen shots to get this picture :)

It wasn’t on it’s last legs and it flew off. My hubby woke me up to tell me “he’d lost the butterfly and I would have to look for it in the morning!”

“WHAT!” We live in a four story house that is being renovated. there are 17 rooms it could be in! It could be anywhere! Every door in the house is open. Some rooms don’t even have doors. There is rubble and mess everywhere! How am I going to find it?


Small White British Butterfly

luckily I found it under the sink without to much bother when I got up. I sat it back on the apple core that was in the jar (where the butterfly should have been in in the first place) then released it on top of my daisies an hour or so later.

Happy ending :)

White Butterfly Garden

#30dayswild 2016

Marie Law