Marie loves making little land art installations on our regular walks. Autumn gives artists a lot of colorful materials to work with and on this walk Marie had colorful autumn leaves, a few feathers (wood pigeon and pheasant feathers) and deep red hawthorn berries.

Autumn Leaf Art Photographer

Autumn Leaf Art Photographer Caught in the Act

The finished little leaf art piece:

Autumn Leaf Art

Autumn Leaf Art -by Marie Law-

By the time we’d finished our walk (an hour or so later) there was already a slug admiring Marie’s art :-)

Autumn Leaf Art Plus Slug

Autumn Leaf Art Plus Slug -by Marie Law-

Even I had a go, it’s a tulip, I think an art critic would describe it as: minimalist design with elements of nouveau spatialism :-)

Tulip Leaf Art

Tulip Leaf Art -by David Law-

We went back a few days later and the red hawthorn berries had been nibbled upon, guessing it was field mice having an easy reach lunch.

David Law