Marie and Dave Cartoon Illustration

Marie and Dave Cartoon Illustration -by Marie Law-

Gordon Bennett! it ain’t half difficult to draw a picture of yourself.

I found it quite difficult to cartoonize myself and David.

Drawing David was easier, but drawing a cartoon portrait of myself was harder and I’m not happy! – with either of them!

David Cartoon Illustration

David Cartoon Illustration -by Marie Law-

They were my first attempt. I’ve never cartoonized us before, myself in particular. One thing is for certain they won’t be my last attempt at trying to cartoonize us. Since I’m not very happy with them at all, I will be trying again in the future and keep trying until I’ve nailed the technique.

Marie Cartoon Illustration

Marie Cartoon Illustration -by Marie Law-

I’ve set myself the challenge of drawing portrait pictures of Dave and I in different styles, many of which I’ve not tried before. That’s no reason not to try, playing is part of the fun in art :)

Cartoon – many different styles

Cartoon Marie David Illustration

Cartoon Marie David Illustration -by Marie Law-

It might Take me a while to get through my list – which I’m sure will grow longer as time passes, but stick with me.

Marie Law