Mia’s older sister is a character from the currently (June 2016) unpublished picture book Mia Saves the Circus.

Mia’s older sister is around 7 years of age and doesn’t have a name in the story, she looks after her little sister as they go on an adventure at the circus.

Early sketches for the face of Mia’s older sister.

Mia Saves Circus Sister Face Sketches

More detailed Mia’s older sister face sketches.

Mia's Older Sister Face Sketches

Mia’s older sister body sketches

Mia's Older Sister Body Sketches

Mia’s older sister with no facial features sketch

Mia's Sister Sketches

Below is probably what Mia’s older sister would look like if we get to publish Mia Saves the Circus and Marie creates the illustrations.

Mia's Older Sister Sketch

Little snippet of the story where they try to save the day:

Mia and I
knew just what to do.
We removed our shoe laces
and tied them on to.

We climbed on the strongman,
the strongest of all.
We climbed on his hands
it made us quite tall.

More Mia Saves the Circus character sketches

Mia Saves the Circus Picture Book Sketches
The Strongest Strongman Early Sketches
Mia’s Older Sister Early Sketches
Tallest Tall Juggler Early Sketches