The strongest strongman is a character from the currently (June 2016) unpublished picture book Mia Saves the Circus.

The Strongest Strongman as the name suggests is seriously strong :-)

These are early sketch ideas trying to encapsulate the old time circus strongman.

Strongest Strongman Sketch

More strongman sketch ideas.

Strongest Strongman Sketch Ideas

Below is probably what the strongest strongman would look like if we get to publish Mia Saves the Circus and Marie creates the illustrations.

Strongest Strongman Sketch

We really got carried away when writing the strongest strongman’s part of the story (entire story is over 1,400 words which is a bit long for a picture book today :-(). End result was 266 words just about the strongman and how much he can lift (it’s a LOT), which could potentially result in 13 pages of a picture book (a tad too long :-)). We did the same with the Tallest Tall Juggler part of the story as well.

Little snippet of the strongest strongman text:

I’m the strongest strongman,
the strongest of all.
I lift heavy weights.
The heaviest of all.

I can lift with one arm.
I can lift on one leg.
I’m the strongest of all.
I can lift with my head.

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