Welcome to 30 Days Wild 2019. What’s that! You don’t know what 30 days wild is? Well I’m glad you asked.
30 days wild is better than Christmas and way cooler than Halloween. It’s the celebration of nature for not one day, not two days, but for the entire month of June.

30 Days Wild 2019

30 Days Wild 2019

Wildlife Trust – 30 days wild

30 days wild is the brain child of the wildlife trust here in the UK and they have been encouraging beautiful nature lovers to go out and experience the wildlife outside there own back doors. The celebration is getting better and better with more and more people every year being apart of the celebration.

How Do You Celebrate 30 Days Wild

The challenge is to set aside a little time each day in June to marveling at what we normally take for granted in the world around us by embarking on 30 simple, fun and exciting random acts of wildness. It doesn’t matter where you are just Stop, Look and Listen to nature every day in the month of June.

You can be On your way to work, in the garden, taking a trip to the shops, looking out a window. Where every you are or whatever you’re doing for a moment for 30 days just stop, look and listen to the birds, the bees, the flower and the trees. Oh…. I went all poetic! and being a poet is one of the ways you could celebrate 30 day wild.

You can celebrate by expressing the beauty of nature you see around you by becoming a poet and writing a small poem each day, embrace your artistic side and paint a picture, start a nature diary, be a photographer, a blogger, the fun is endless, the magic infectious.
the possibilities to express what nature means to you are mind blowing.

You can be as hands on or hands off as you like it’s up to you.

Lift up a rock, watch a spider spin a web, go on a trip, watch the clouds… whatever you decide to do is your moments.

What Do I Need To Celebrate 30 Days Wild

Unlike all the other celebrations we humans celebrate You don’t need to buy or do anything to enjoy 30 days wild it’s totally free and anybody can join in. The wildlife trust produces a free pack that you can download off their website, but you really don’t need anything to be apart of 30 days wild

Who can celebrate 30 Days Wild

The young, old, rich, poor, you can celebrate together as a family, as a group, partake as a school, enjoy on your own, with a friend, has a couple, 30 days wild is for absolutely everyone.

It doesn’t even matter if you aren’t from the UK in fact I encourage everyone from around the world to celebrate 30 days wild and challenge yourself to set a little of your time aside and dedicate it to the wonder of nature around you. Every country have their unique environment filled with flora and fauna that can’t be found anywhere else, so show it off in the month of June on your FaceBook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, what ever makes you happy.

A shout out to adults: 30 days wild is not just for kids but for everyone, please don’t think this is not for you.

There are no rules about who can or who can’t celebrate 30 days wild, it most definitely is not just for kids, people with kids or people who can borrow a kid. When it comes to nature we all have an inner child who is curious, excitable and eager to to find out new things and reconnect with old favourites.

Things to do for 30 Days Wild

There are so many things to do for 30 days wild with so many ways to celebrate. You could:

Take some ZZzz’s under a tree

Get your crafty side going and build a bug box.

Start a bee and butterfly garden

Make a washing bowl pond

Go for a walk

Sit in the park and read a wildlife book

Have a picnic

The options for things to do for 30 days wild are endless, but if you need some more ideas head over to the wildlife trusts website where you will find loads of ideas to get you started or type ‘things to do 30 days wild’ or ’30 days wild ideas’ and see what google throws your way.

There is no excuses for not joining in and being apart of 30 days wild, so stop what you are doing in the month of June and look at the itty bitty at your feet or look up at the tallest tops of the greenest trees.

What are you waiting for, get out there and explore!