30 Days Wild: Day One

30 Days Wild Day 01 2019

30 Days Wild Day 01 2019

In the dusk of the setting sun, walking through knee high grass on an over grown path in the middle of a dark wood we spotted the eerie sight of an animal skull in among the vegetation. Stripped of all it’s flesh the white of the bones were like a beacon against the oncoming night.

Turning the skull over we saw some soft body beetles that were happily cleaning the last scraps of meat and brain matter off the ebony bones.

We have no idea what it is, it seems to big for a rabbit or a hare skull and the lack of canine teeth suggests it’s not a carnivore, so we are thinking deer skull possibly a roe deer.

Nice find for our first day of 30 day wild.

I got a video, drew a picture and finding the skull inspired me to write a poem, I do love 30 days wild.

Skull In the Deep Dark Wood

Skull in the deep dark wood,
eerie, creepy so misunderstood,
creaking, screaming, sounds, confusing,
the darkness it’s eyes so accusing.

Skull in the Deep Dark Wood

Stumble determined, vision failing,
dark engulfs we keep prevailing,
Pace in haste, stride on stride
halt and stop by a bleak graveside

Skull in the Deep Dark Woods

Humble, lonely beacon of light
flash in darkness seized our sight
eager, revealing, sadness unveiling like the opening of a bud,
as we found the skull in the deep dark wood.

By Marie Law