Whooo 30 Days Wild starts tomorrow.

We are huge wildlife lovers. It would be very safe to say it’s our favorite hobby, so we weren’t about to give up the opportunity to join in on the Wildlife Trusts 30 day challenge to do something wild every day in June.

30 Days Wild Woodland Creatures Illustration

30 Days Wild Wildlife Trust Challenge Illustration -by Marie Law-

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It’s up to you how you celebrate 30 days wild. You can go on adventures or stay at home in your own back yard. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Sitting with a nice cup of tea listening to the birds singing through an open window or heading down to the beach looking for shells. The aim is to be mindful of all that nature has to offer in the month of June.

I’ve drawn a picture of some woodland friends we’re hoping to spot this month.

It doesn’t matter if it’s big, small, hairy or bold. Active, relaxing, frantic or scenic. We love them all and plan to try and find them all during our 30 days wild challenge.

We are rearing to go on our 30 days wild adventure this June and are looking forward to taking in the wonders and simple pleasures of the world.

#30dayswild 2016

Marie Law