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M.D. Law is the pen name for Marie Law and David Law, we went with the combination pen name to keep things simple.

Marie and Dave Cartoon Illustration

Marie and Dave Cartoon Illustration -by Marie Law-

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Marie writes and illustrates and I (David) write and make a lot of tea and coffee to compensate for my complete lack of artistic talent :-) That’s how all married couples work together, right?

M D Law Photograph

M D Law Photograph -by Marie Law-

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Many writers found their love for the written word early in life, we weren’t so lucky, we were your typical reluctant readers who only read what we had to for school.

Fortunately we did find our love for books later in life, Marie through home schooling our children and I by listening to Marie reading aloud to them.

When we aren’t collaborating on a new children’s book, we spend almost all our time together. Our favorite past time is walking, preferably where there’s wildlife/nature and friendly trees.

Marie David Law

Marie David Law Selfie

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It’s rare for us not to walk at least 5 miles a day (no matter the weather) and a walk isn’t complete if we haven’t seen a bird or a rabbit or a squirrel or a deer or a tree or a frog or a bee or a snail…..

Wildlife Walks

Wildlife Walks ~Photographs by Marie Law~

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We live in a seaside town on the North East coast of England called Skegness and regularly walk the beach collecting pebbles, hagstones (stones with natural holes), shells, sea glass, drift wood and the odd fossil.

Skegness has a town slogan: “Skegness is so bracing”, which is a reference to the cold prevailing North-Easterly winds that blow off the North Sea. It’s why we tend to do a lot of our daily walks wearing warm woolly hats :-)

Hagstones Photograph

Hagstones Collected from Lincolnshire Beaches

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Marie enjoys photography and has hundreds of her images on various websites which I manage: I have over 15 years SEO consulting experience. I get dragged into Marie’s photography projects like spinning burning wire wool late at night for long exposure photography shots!

Wire Wool Long Exposure Photography

Wire Wool Long Exposure Photography : Don’t Try This At Home! -by Marie Law-

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We are currently working towards getting what we think is our best manuscript to date published “That Greedy Goat Just Cannot Stay, or Where Has All Our Stuff Gone?“. The manuscript is complete (~450 words) and Marie is working on early illustrations.

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