GHOSTBUSTERS – Official Trailer on YouTube 2 mins 37 seconds long.

Over 38,000,000 views.
Over 980,000 dislikes.
Over 280,000 likes.
Over 280,000 comments: no I didn’t read them all :-)

Looks like sexism ain’t dead!

You know what would be hilarious.

30+ years from now there’s another Ghostbusters reboot with four men as the leads and women complain it’s ruining the movie etc… :-)

I don’t know why, but I don’t see that occurring.

I’ve not seen the movie yet, I’m not keen on the actress Melissa McCarthy, I’ve not enjoyed the roles she’s played in other movies like Identity Thief. Not familiar with the others in the movie. I did laugh a few times at the Ghostbusters trailer, so good chance I’ll enjoy the movie.

I enjoyed the original Ghostbusters movie at the time (I was a teenager: 14 years old), today though I find Bill Murray’s role creepy!

David Law