There I was stuck in the middle of no where being whipped in the face by my hair. I’d forgot yet again to tie my hair up and the wind decided to take fully advantage of my complacency.

I knew I was in for a miserable walk, fighting with my hair, being forced to fight an unfair battle as my wind swept hair whips me in the eye, goes flying up my nose and end up in my mouth.

I looked up to see my hubby holding out a hair band! A hair band, for me! we’re in the middle of no where, far from home, this can mean only one thing…. he came prepared for this exact situation… I was speechless.

Hair Band Illustration

Hair Band Illustration -by Marie Law-

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I went all gushy, it was as though he had whipped out a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates from the back pocket of his pants. I couldn’t have been more surprised.

He had been carrying around a hair band in his pocket in case I needed one in an emergency, or as he put it “I popped one in my pocket and have been carrying it around with me, so I don’t have to hear you moaning about ‘not being able to see a bloody thing’ on our walks”.

Awwwww he’s so sweet xxx

Marie Law