Anyone who has a man in their life knows how difficult some of them are to buy for on special occasions like birthdays.

I have one such man. He’s not really into birthdays or Christmas. He believes in celebrating everyday, so ‘doesn’t see the point in celebrations’.

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Birthday Cards Photo -by Marie Law-

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Unfortunately for my significant other I’m the opposite. I love birthdays, Christmas and as much fun as I can get. I even go as far as to celebrate fun and crazy days in the year that aren’t real celebrations like – National Dandelion Day, Jump Like a Frog Day or Don’t lick the sugar off a Doughnut Day… OK that one is mine.

What I’m trying to say is having me in his life means my husband is not getting nothing for his birthday.

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Birthday Message Photo -by Marie Law-

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A Tale of Birthdays Past
It wasn’t easy, but after years of never giving up hope that I would crack the husband code. Trying perilously to finding that kink in his practical armor. I did find that elusive perfect birthday gift and it was… laughter!

Yes laughter was the key to breaking the chains of “I don’t see the point in celebrations” thus giving him at long last joy on his birthday. Starting a tradition to be enjoyed from this day forward until the end of all time.

A few years back in 2014 after twenty plus years of being together and me feeling down about not finding something that made him happy on his special day, I at last found something he loved.

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Birthday Ideas Photo -by Marie Law-

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I make him a funny picture, uploading it to Facebook without his knowledge and wait to hear him laugh out loud when he sees it.

It does have a draw back! If you uploaded said picture to the Internet before you go to bed and then your night owl husband finds his picture, there is more than a slim possibility you will be woke up at 3am in the morning by a house filled with bellowing laughter, ricocheting off every wall.

So, if you want to try starting this Birthday tradition for your own reluctant celebrator, but like me you love uninterrupted sleep, I suggest waiting until the morning to surprise your loved one with a funny Birthday message.

Marie Law