I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed is our third picture book manuscript I’ve wrote a literary agent query/pitch for. Started with the agent query for That Greedy Goat Just Cannot Stay! followed by the pitch for Let Me Keep My Monster Spud.

Still enjoying writing picture book query letters :-)

Update: All five literary agent query letters.

Marie hasn’t started any sketches or illustrations for this manuscript, so here’s a quick sketch of a cute little dog :-)

Cute Little Dog Pencil Drawing

Cute Little Dog Pencil Drawing -by Marie Law-

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The cute little dog might be for the Let Me Keep My Monster Spud picture book.

We aren’t planning to query this manuscript with literary agents at this time, just practicing.

I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed PB Query Letter

Email Subject – Query : I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Agent Name,

Ask any parent, I mean any parent, what’s the top two problems they have with young children and at the top of the list will always be:

1. How to deal with a scary old monster hid under a bed.
2. How to get children to brush their teeth between meals.

Every parent that ever existed has dealt with these two problems and in the book “I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed” you will learn how to employ advanced tried and tested reverse pseudo-psychological techniques to solve these issues. After just a few nights the scary monster will no longer be scary and your child will brush it’s teeth between meals.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

An empathetic tale with an important message that will appeal to parents and children (ages 3-6) who love read aloud rhyming picture books.

This is a simultaneous submission, the full 252 word manuscript is below (link to example illustrations below the MS).

— The Manuscript —
Full manuscript text here…
— end —

Example illustrations for I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed at:

URL to private webpage just for agents.
Password: ####

See more examples of Marie’s illustrations at https://md-law.classic-literature.co.uk/art-by-marie-law/

I Am An Old Monster Hid Under Your Bed is one of five complete PB manuscripts by Marie and David Law.

Although we are looking to build a long term career as an author/illustrator couple, we are flexible with how our manuscripts are published. We wouldn’t have a problem with other illustrators illustrating a project if a publisher is only interested in the manuscript text.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marie and David Law

Contact Details
Address etc… here

No art yet for this manuscript.

David Law

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