Comment on Literary Agent Query for Let Me Keep My Monster Spud Picture Book by M.D. Law.

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud Picture Book Early Pencil Drawing of the Monster Thanks for the feedback, this was a quick practice literary agent query which wasn’t sent to any agents.

Does show the importance of diligent proofreading queries before submission.

Looking back there are other mistakes.

“Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Agent Name,”

Shouldn’t use Mrs, so:

“Dear Mr/Ms. Agent Name,”

The age recommendation within:

“A delightful twist ending to a lovely little story that will appeal to parents and children (ages 3-6) who love read aloud rhyming picture books.”

Could annoy some agents, it’s their job to determine audience.

Indicating there are five complete manuscripts is probably not a good move either.

Thanks again for the feedback.