Going through some old photographs and look what I found, a cute little tree monster :)

Monster Tree Illustration

Monster Tree Illustration -by Marie Law-

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Finding this little guy has inspired me to do more photography sketches, when I’ve got the time of course

It’s a lot of fun taking photos, looking for things to turn into a piece of art. It tunes your sight into seeing things no one else sees.

I’m always stopping at the side of the road to snap pictures of weird stuff to turn into a sketch. David my husband thinks I’m nuts, but hey life’s about using the whole box of crayons, that’s what gives life real color.

Tree Photograph

Tree Photograph -by Marie Law-

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I’ll snap a picture of anything that catches my eye, a discarded soda can, a pile of bricks, a hub cap from an old car. Got to admit though, it’s been a while since I took my camera out and experimented like I used to. I think it’s time to pick up an old hobby and see where it takes me.

Marie Law