Working In The Garden

Working In The Garden

My 30 days wild journey has given me a quiet weekend, with a spot of gardening. It’s nice to take it easy sometimes.

I decided to tend my ultimate bug box. What is the ultimate bug box, for starters it’s not a box at all.

I have a dark dank nook outside my bedroom window where nothing grows, so I thought I would make a mini woodland floor. I’ve spent the last year collecting logs and interesting pieces of wood. It’s took me a year to clear the space and plan what to do most of last winter it remained half done.

As I was making my woodland nook I noticed that the bugs loved my miniature woodland. I’ve had more ladybugs in my garden this year and I have been dodging there babies while I work. Moths are hiding behind pieces of wood during the day and snails are occupying all the nook and in the crannies I have tiny spiders and the woodlice think they are in paradise.

It never dawned on me that the best thing for a insect home isn’t a box but a landscape. Rocks to hide under, logs to chew, gaps to crawl in and plants to live among, it’s so easy to fall for the trap that a bug box have to be bought, but a pile of rocks in a shaded spot in the garden will do the trick.

My once dank, boring hole is looking pretty good if I do say so my self. When it comes to gardening I have no idea what I’m doing and I’ll never win a medal for best gardener award I’m sure, but I love it. Gardening is so rewarding.

I originally had little birds in mind when I started my mini woodland floor last year, not the insects but they are loving it.

All I need to do is plant some shade tolerant plants and put my bird feeders back and the little birds should be happy again, I’m hoping the birds will enjoy hoping around my little woodland floor, looking for wild food as much as they enjoy eating me out of house and home.