Womble Orinoco Illustration

Orinoco Womble Illustration -by Marie Law-

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I Love the Wombles of Wimbledon!

I loved the Wombles of Wimbledon when I was a kid. I was introduced to them through the TV show “The Wombles” that was shown in the late 70’s.

My children knew of the Wombles through Elisabeth Beresford’s books, the way it should be. I didn’t have parents who valued education and reading me a bedtime story was the last thing they wanted to do :-( On the plus side of being a TV reared kid, I got The Wombles theme tune, something the books didn’t come with :)

One of my favorite Children’s books that I would read to our children was ‘Orinoco Runs Away’.

I love it so much… Why? Because it makes me cry.

Yes, I confess I cry reading a Children’s Picture Book.

I have no idea why I tear up at a children’s picture book at 41, but I’ve always got wet cheeks and struggle to read it aloud through emotional sobs half way through.

Womble Madame Cholet Illustration

Madame Cholet Womble Illustration -by Marie Law-

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I don’t know how many times I’ve said, “Pull yourself together woman, you’re an adult, you’ll be OK this time, it won’t get you again not after all this time!”, but every time I open the pages – Bam! I need the tissues and a therapy session afterwards :)

It’s crazy! I know the story has a happy ending, but when that little Womble runs away because Madame Cholet is angry at Orinoco for eating all the flower icing, the world is at risk from drowning in my tears.

Womble Uncle Bulgaria Illustration

Womble Uncle Bulgaria Illustration -by Marie Law –

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I Don’t Know Why I Cry.

I don’t cry at books generally, but a couple have got me over the years. Other than Orinoco Saves the Day I’ve also had a good cry over Darren Shan’s The Vampire’s Assistant and Beyond The DeepWoods. Those two I understand. Crying at a character dying in a book is normal and expected, but Orinoco is fine in Orinoco Runs Away. No Wombles die! if they did it wouldn’t be much of a children’s book would it.

What Is Wrong With Me!

I have no idea what is wrong with me. I’ll try to be brave and hold my reserve but the battle will be lost as soon as that sweet little womble runs away – there is no fighting the inevitable :)

Who’s your favorite Womble?
Mine is Womble Orinoco.

Marie Law