I’m excited! Today is my first day on developing character ideas for a wordless picture book we are creating.

I’m looking for a feisty girl who does not let the word NO stop her from doing what she’s set her mind on.

Attempt number one at Little Red, I like her, but she probably isn’t the one. Dave thinks she’s awesome, but I’m not sure. She does have some nice features, but I’ll try on other Little Red illustrations before deciding.

Little Red

Little Red Illustration

Little Red Illustration -by Marie Law-

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The new character has to portray her spirit to the reader just by looking at her since there will be no words in the book. This first character doesn’t do that in my opinion, she’s a real sweetie, but I don’t think she’s feisty. She needs to be dynamic, so I will be making the next illustration larger than life.

Wordless Picture Books are Brilliant

Why have we decided to do a book with little to no words and set my self a monumental challenge? Simple, I love wordless picture books, they allow the reader to be both the story teller and story maker. Brilliant for those of us who naturally drift off when listening to a story and fill in the blanks with our own imagination.

One of my favorite wordless picture books is Tuesday by David Wiesner.

The punchline at the end of the book is hilarious, but I’ve always wondered is it the toads that got to fly that night or the lily pads they’re sitting on? If the logs in the pond had taken flight would the turtles have got a night out? And what if the pigs the following Tuesday flew because their hooves are enchanted and if inanimate objects can fly could my rug hover off the floor next Tuesday and take me to Agrabah :-)

Marie Law