After finishing the article about picture book query letters for literary agents I decided it would be good practice to create query letters for all our picture book manuscripts: we currently have five finished rhyming stories and three wordless picture books that are works in progress.

I’m still surprised I’m enjoying the process of writing query letters, better write some more before this delusional state wears off :-)

Update: All five literary agent query letters.

I included the full agent query letter for That Greedy Goat Just Cannot Stay! at the link above, next on the list is Let Me Keep My Monster Spud.

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud Picture Book Early Pencil Drawing of the Monster

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud Picture Book Early Pencil Drawing of the Monster -by Marie Law-

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We aren’t planning to query this manuscript with literary agents at this time, just practicing.

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud PB Query Letter

Email Subject – Query : Let Me Keep My Monster Spud

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms. Agent Name,

Fearless little Sam finds a scary monster stuck deep in the mud, despite its appearance Sam realizes the monster needs his help. After freeing the monster from the mud the two instantly become best of friends and head home to convince Dad to keep the monster named Spud.

Little Sam explains he’s no monster, Spuds his bud and will help him fly a kite and keep him safe at night. Dad agrees and runs a bath outside on the garden path. They pealed away the mud and slime, they washed away the grease and grime, beneath the beastly smelly bog, they found a lovely little dog!

A delightful twist ending to a lovely little story that will appeal to parents and children (ages 3-6) who love read aloud rhyming picture books.

This is a simultaneous submission, the full 231 word manuscript is below (link to example illustrations below the MS).

— The Manuscript —
Full manuscript text here…
— end —

Example illustrations for My Monster Spud at:

URL to private webpage just for agents.
Password: ####

See more examples of Marie’s illustrations at

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud is one of five complete PB manuscripts by Marie and David Law.

Although we are looking to build a long term career as an author/illustrator couple, we are flexible with how our manuscripts are published. We wouldn’t have a problem with other illustrators illustrating a project if a publisher is only interested in the manuscript text.

Thank you for your consideration.

Marie and David Law

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Below are Marie’s quick pencil sketches, Marie hasn’t started anything detailed for this story yet.

Let Me Keep My Monster Spud was inspired by one of Marie’s quick practice illustrations.

Doggy Doodle Illustration

Help to Give Me a Great Dogs Name Illustration -by Marie Law-

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David Law

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